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Real-time customer feedback analysis powered by AI

Feedis is a real-time user feedback analysis solution. Using the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and natural language processing we'll help you extract high-quality insights from all your feedback sources.

It's time for valuable insights

An happy customer claiming it with a megaphone

Why? Happy users will be active promoters.

There is nothing more powerful than word-of-mouth marketing. Turn your users into active promoters and see your growth explode.

Dialog with a user to find out the issue.

Let's go deeper in the matter.

Understand what your users want and engage with them. Make sure your customers feel listened to.

Gold mining cart with a magnifying glass symbolizing that there is gold when we look closely

How? Let our engines read for you!

Your customer feedback sources are underemployed gold mines, let our AI read your reviews and extract the valuable insights that will help you make the product improvements your clients want.

With Feedis Dashboard

An asterisk between several symbols: appstore, playstore, slack, api, zendesk and email

Centralize all feedback sources

Connect your appstore reviews, your support emails, any textual source you want to vizualize sense. A few clicks and you're all set!

Cloud of satisfaction terms

Vizualize in real-time your users satisfaction

Discover the expression and feeling mapping of your users, extract deep insights of satisfaction state, quantitative becomes qualitative!

A heart in an booming chart

Make them happy, and grow faster!

With this tool to help you prioritize development, make the right decisions, validate your key features, quickly conquer your market!

A man holding a dashboard with a bell in the bottom left corner

Build and track meaningful insights

It's your data, so it's your metrics, custom-made! Get highlights, sentiment analysis and many other features for each of your metrics. Get inspired, get alerted, get connected with your users, in real-time!

Focus on what your users need most!

Two people talking in front a scrum board

Save your team time and money

◎ Know exactly what your users want for the future of your product.

◎ Focus your energy on the reviews and the users that matter most.

A man sticking a post-it on a wall

Be relaxed and relevant

◎ Keep in touch with your users and show them that their views matter to you.

◎ Measure the impact of your updates and new features in a real-time.

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  • Student @CentraleSupelec
  • - in Paris -
  • Faithful believer in the beauty and the goodness of this crazy world.
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  • Student @CentraleSupelec
  • - in Rennes -
  • Passionate digital explorer, bringing the next generation of disruptions.

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